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SigmaXL Version 10

Data Manipulation:

Templates & Calculators:

Graphical Tools:

Statistical Tools:

  • Equal Variance Tests (Bartlett, Levene and Welch's ANOVA)
    • Multiple Comparison of Variances Probability Methods (Post-Hoc): F-Test (with Bonferroni Correction), Levene, Tukey ADM (Absolute Deviation for Medians)
    • Welch Multiple Comparison of Means Probability Methods (Post-Hoc): Welch Pairwise, Games Howell
  • Correlation Matrix (Pearson and Spearman's Rank Correlation)
    • Automatic normality check for correlation utilizing the powerful Doornik-Hansen bivariate normality test
    • Yellow highlight to recommend significant Pearson or Spearman correlation - Pearson is highlighted if the data are bivariate normal, otherwise Spearman is highlighted
  • Power and Sample Size Calculators for:
  • Power and Sample Size Chart. Quickly create a graph showing the relationship between Power, Sample Size and Difference

Measurement System Analysis:

Process Capability:

Design of Experiments:

Control Charts:

Reliability/Weibull Analysis:

Time Series Forecasting and Control Charts for Autocorrelated Data

** New features in SigmaXL ® Version 10

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