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SigmaXL Version 9

Data Manipulation:

Templates & Calculators:

Graphical Tools:

  • Analysis of Means (ANOM) Charts
    • All charts support balanced & unbalanced data
    • Normal, Binomial Proportions and Poission Rates: One-Way & Two-Way with Main Effects and Slice Charts
    • Slice Charts are a modified ANOM chart developed by Dr.Peter Wludyka that enables one to easily interpret the effects in the presence of an interaction. In collaboration, Peter Wludyka and John Nogurea of SigmaXL extended the Slice Charts to Binomial and Poisson. Yellow highlights automatically recommends Main Effects (if interaction is not significant) or Slice Chart(if interaction is significant)
    • Nonparametric Transformed Ranks
    • Variances & Levene Robust Variances

Measurement System Analysis:

Process Capability:

Statistical Tools:

  • Equal Variance Tests (Bartlett, Levene and Welch's ANOVA)
    • Multiple Comparison of Variances Probability Methods (Post-Hoc): F-Test (with Bonferroni Correction), Levene, Tukey ADM (Absolute Deviation for Medians)
    • Welch Multiple Comparison of Means Probability Methods (Post-Hoc): Welch Pairwise, Games Howell
  • Correlation Matrix (Pearson and Spearman's Rank Correlation)
    • Automatic normality check for correlation utilizing the powerful Doornik-Hansen bivariate normality test
    • Yellow highlight to recommend significant Pearson or Spearman correlation - Pearson is highlighted if the data are bivariate normal, otherwise Spearman is highlighted
  • Power and Sample Size Calculators for:
  • Power and Sample Size Chart. Quickly create a graph showing the relationship between Power, Sample Size and Difference

Design of Experiments:

Control Charts:

  • Control Chart Selection Tool
  • Individuals, Individuals & Moving Range
  • X-Bar & R, X-Bar & S
  • I-MR-R, I-MR-S (Between/Within)
  • P, NP, C, U
  • P' and U' (Laney) to handle overdispersion
  • Control charts include a report on tests for special causes. Special causes are also labeled on the control chart data point. Set defaults to apply any or all of Tests 1-8
  • Process Capability report (Pp, Ppk, Cp, Cpk) is available for I, I-MR, X-Bar & R, X-bar & S charts
  • Add data to existing charts for operator ease of use!
  • Scroll through charts with user defined window size

Reliability/Weibull Analysis:

Time Series Forecasting and Control Charts for Autocorrelated Data**

** New features in SigmaXL ® Version 9

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