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C (Count) Chart Template

Click SigmaXL > Templates & Calculators > Basic Control Chart Templates > C (Count) Chart.

This template is also located at SigmaXL > Control Charts > Control Chart Templates > Basic > C (Count).

c control chart template

Click the C (Count) Control Chart button to produce the C (Count) Control Chart.


  1. This C (Count) Control Chart template should be used with continuous data like cycle time. The data must be in chronological time-sequence order.

  2. You can replace the X-Axis Label and Data column headings with any headings that you wish.

  3. Enter your data in the Data column.

  4. Enter labels in X-Axis Label column. Labels can be Date, Time, Name, or other text information. These labels are optional and will appear on the horizontal X-Axis of the C (Count) Control Chart.

  5. Click the C (Count) Control Chart button to create an C (Count) Control Chart.

  6. After the control chart has been created and additional new data entered into the Data column, click the Add Data button to add the data to the existing chart.

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