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Data Preparation

Remove Blank Rows and Columns

This data preparation utility is provided as a convenient way to prepare data for analysis by deleting any empty rows and/or columns.

  1. Open Customer Data.xlsx. Click Sheet 1 Tab.
  2. Insert a new column in B; Click Column B heading, click Insert > Columns.
  3. Insert a new row in row 2. Click Row 2 label, click Insert > Rows as shown:

  4. Delete Blank Row
  5. This is now an example of a data set that requires deletion of empty rows and columns. Click SigmaXL >Data Manipulation >Data Preparation >Remove Blank Rows and Columns.
  6. Check Delete Empty Rows and Delete Empty Columns.

  7. Delete Blank Rows and Columns
  8. Click OK. A warning message is given prior to the deletion step.

  9. Excel Prompt
  10. Click Yes. The empty rows and columns are deleted automatically.

Change Text Data Format to Numeric

This Data Preparation utility will convert data that represents numeric values but are currently in text format. This sometimes occurs when importing data into Excel from another application or text file.

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