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How Do I Perform ANOM Poisson Rate One-Way in Excel Using SigmaXL?

  1. Open ANOM Examples.xlsx, click on the Injection Molding-Poisson Rate tab. This is injection molding data for contact lenses. It is from a study on the extent to which belt speed (cure time) influences the incidence of nonconformities (such as bubbles and tears) in the lenses. Since there can be more than one nonconformity per unit, Poisson ANOM is appropriate, similar to the U Control Chart (Example 2.16 from the ANOM book used with author permission).

  2. Click SigmaXL > Graphical Tools > Analysis of Means (ANOM) > ANOM Poisson Rates One-Way. Ensure that the entire data table is selected. If not, check Use Entire Data Table.

  3. Click Next. Select Nonconformities, click Numeric Data Variable (Y) >>; enter 100 (or select Sample Size) for Subgroup Column or Size >>; select Belt Speed, click Optional Group Category (X) >>. Set Alpha Level = 0.05:

  4. Click OK. The ANOM Poisson Rates One-Way chart is shown below:

  5. From the ANOM chart, one sees that a belt speed of 15 results in a significantly low number of nonconformities and a belt speed of 30 results in a significantly high number of nonconformities.

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