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Basic MSA Templates -Type 1 Gage Study

Click SigmaXL > Templates & Calculators > Basic MSA Templates > Type 1 Gage Study to access the Type 1 Gage Study Template. 

The following example is given in SigmaXL > Help > Template Examples > MSA > Type 1 Gage Study.

MSA Template


  1. This calculator assumes that the data are normally distributed.
  2. Enter your data in the Measurement Data column. Minimum recommended sample size is 25, but 50 is preferred. This template has a maximum sample size of 1000, suitable for automated test systems.
  3. Enter Tolerance (Upper Specification Limit USL - Lower Specification Limit LSL)
  4. Enter Part Reference Value. If missing, Gage Capability Cgk is not computed. Bias will assume a 0 value.
  5. Enter Gage Resolution. If missing, Resolution % of Tolerance is not computed.
  6. The default StDev Multiplier is 6 (99.73% coverage). Change this to 5.15 if AIAG convention is being used (99% coverage). Dietrich [1] recommends using 4 for approximate 95% coverage. We recommend 6 for typical and critical measurement systems, and 4 for non-critical.
  7. The default Percent of Tolerance for Cg/Cgk is 20. Stacey [2] suggests using 10 for critical measurement systems.
  8. If Cg and Cgk are >= 1.33, the measurement device is capable. If Cg or Cgk are < 1.33, the measurement device is not capable and needs to be improved.
  9. If Resolution % of Tolerance (RE%) is <= 5%, the resolution is acceptable. If RE% is > 5% the resolution is not acceptable.
  10. Click the Type 1 Gage Run Chart button to create a Run Chart with center line = Ref, upper limit = Ref + 0.1*Tol and lower limit = Ref - 0.1*Tol (assuming 20% of Tolerance).
  11. This calculator requires Excel 2013 or higher.

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