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SigmaXL - Powerful Statistical and Graphical Analysis

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SigmaXL was designed from the ground up to be a cost-effective, powerful, but easy to use tool that enables users to measure, analyze, improve and control their service, transactional, and manufacturing processes. As an add-in to the already familiar Microsoft Excel, SigmaXL is ideal for Lean Six Sigma training or use in a college statistics course. Version 10 adds new tool selection guides, XYZ Contour/Surface Plots, General Linear Model, new MSA templates, and more! Click here to view the features available in SigmaXL!

New features in SigmaXL Version 10 include:

  • Graphical Tool Selection Guide
  • Hypothesis Test Selection Guide
  • Revised Control Chart Selection Guide
  • New Data Manipulation Tools
    • Convert Raw Data to Frequency (Tally)
    • Convert Frequency to Raw Data
  • New Graphical Tools
    • Heatmap
    • Interval Plots and Multiple X Interval Plots
    • Empirical/Normal CDF Plots
    • XYZ Contour/Surface Plot
      • Automatic Interpolation Method Selection and XY Standardization using Cross-Validation
      • Inverse Distance, Akimaís Polynomial and Biharmonic Spline Interpolation
  • New MSA Templates
    • GLM GageRR (Crossed) Metrics with Interaction
    • GLM GageRR (Crossed) Metrics without Interaction
    • GLM GageRR (Nested) Metrics
    • GLM GageRR (Expanded) Metrics
  • New Statistical Tools
    • Nonparametric Friedman and Friedmanís Exact
    • Nonparametric Two Sample KS Test and KS Exact (option in Mann-Whitney)
    • General Linear Model. Extends Advanced Multiple Regression to include:
      • Fixed and Random Factors
      • Nested Factors
      • Covariates (can be Nested)
      • For Random or Mixed Random/Fixed Factors with a balanced design, the ANOVA and Variance Components (VC) report is given based on Expected Mean Squares. VC confidence intervals using Restricted Maximum Likelihood (REML) are included.
      • If the design is unbalanced or model is non-hierarchical, REML is used to compute the VC values and confidence intervals. Fixed Effects Tests are based on Satterthwaite approximation degrees of freedom.
      • Main Effects with Confidence Intervals and Interaction Plots of Fitted Means for Non-Nested Fixed Factors
      • Tukey and Fisher Pairwise Comparison of Means for Non-Nested Fixed Factors
      • Predicted Response Calculator
      • Multiple Response Optimization for Nested or Non-Nested Fixed Factors
Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

Lean Six Sigma Software Excel Add-in

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Lean Six Sigma Software Excel Add-in

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