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How Do I Transpose Data and Stack Subgroups Across Rows in Excel Using SigmaXL?

Transpose Data

  1. Open Catapult Data Row Format.xlsx.
  2. Manually select the entire data table if the data is not already selected.
  3. Click SigmaXL > Data Manipulation > Transpose Data.
  4. This will transpose rows to columns or columns to rows. It is equivalent to Copy, Paste Special, Transpose.

Stack Subgroups Across Rows

  1. Now we will stack the subgroups across rows for the transposed data. Ensure that the Transposed Data Sheet of Catapult Data Row Format.xlsx is active.
  2. Click SigmaXL > Data Manipulation > Stack Subgroups Across Rows.
  3. Check Use Entire Data Table, click Next.
  4. Click on Shot 1. Shift Click on Shot 3 to highlight the three columns of interest.

    Stack Subgroups Across Rows

  5. Click Numeric Data Variables (Y) >> to select Shot 1 to Shot 3. Enter Distance as the Stacked Data (Y) Column Heading and Shot No as the Category (X) Column Heading. Select Operator, click Additional Category Columns (X) >>:

    Stack Subgroups Across Rows

    Note that any selected column may be removed by highlighting and double-clicking or clicking the Remove button.

  6. Click OK. The resulting stacked data is shown:

    Stacked Data

Stack Columns

  1. Open Customer Satisfaction Unstacked.xlsx.
  2. Click SigmaXL > Data Manipulation > Stack Columns.
  3. Check Use Entire Data Table, click Next.
  4. Shift Click on Overall Satisfaction_3 to highlight all three column names. Click Select Columns >>. Enter the Stacked Data (Y) Column Name as Overall Satisfaction. Enter the Category (X) Column Name as Customer Type.

    Stack Columns

  5. Click OK. Shown is the resulting stacked column format:

    Stacked Column Format

  6. Data that is in stacked column format can be unstacked using Data Manipulation > Unstack Columns.

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