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How Do I Create P-Charts in Excel Using SigmaXL?


  1. Open New York Daily Cycle Time Discrete.xlsx. This is data from the Sigma Savings and Loans Company, New York location. Each day, the cycle time (in days) for completed loans and leases was recorded. N indicates the number of loans counted. A Fail was recorded if the cycle time exceeded the critical customer requirement of 8 days. Note that we are not recommending that continuous data be converted to discrete data in this manner, but rather using this data to illustrate the use of P charts for Discrete or Attribute data. P Charts (for Defectives) can have fixed or varying subgroup sizes.

  2. Select SigmaXL > Control Charts > Attribute Charts> P. Ensure that B3:E23 are selected, click Next.

  3. Select Fail, click Numeric Data Variable (Y) >>; select N, click Subgroup Column or Size >>. If we had a fixed subgroup size, the numerical value of the subgroup size could be entered instead of Column N. Check Tests for Special Causes.

    SigmaXL P-Chart Options

  4. Click OK. The resulting P-Chart is shown:

  5. P-Chart in Excel

    The moving limits are due to the varying sample sizes. While this P-chart shows stability, a much bigger concern is the average 41% failure rate to deliver the loans/leases in 8 days or less!

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