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How Do I Create Run Charts in Excel Using SigmaXL?

  1. Click Sheet 1 Tab of Customer Data.xlsx (or press F4 to activate last worksheet). Click SigmaXL > Graphical Tools > Run Chart. Ensure that entire data table is selected. If not, check Use Entire Data Table. Click Next.
  2. Select Overall Satisfaction, click Numeric Data Variable (Y) >>. Select Show Mean. Uncheck Nonparametric Runs Test (to be discussed later in Part N of Analyze Phase).

  3. Run Chart Variables

  4. Click OK. A Run Chart of Overall Satisfaction with Mean center line is produced.

  5. Run Chart
  1. Double click on the Y axis to activate the Format Axis dialog. Select the Scale tab, change Minimum to 1, Maximum to 5., Category X Axis Crosses at 1 (Excel 2007/2010: Select Axis, Right Click, Format Axis, Axis Options):
  2. Click OK.
  3. Are there any obvious trends? Some possible cycling, but nothing clearly stands out. It may be interesting to look more closely at a specific data point. Any data point value can be identified by simply moving the cursor over it:

    Data Point Value
  4. A label can be added to a data point by two single-clicks (not a double-click) on the data point, followed by a right mouse click, and select Format Data Point. Select Data Labels tab, check Value (Excel 2007/2010: Single Click on data point, Right Click, Add Data Label). See also SigmaXL Chart Tools > Add Data Label in Control Phase Tools, Part B - X-Bar & Range Charts.

    Format Data Point

  5. Click OK. Resulting Run Chart with label attached to data point:

  6. Run Chart

  7. This label can be changed to a text comment. Single-click three times on the label and type in a comment as shown:

    Run Chart

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