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DiscoverSim - Discovery through Simulation

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Click the image below to navigate through DiscoverSim's virtual menu.

discoversim menu

If you would like to view our DiscoverSim features page, please CLICK HERE.

DiscoverSimô Case Studies:

Why choose DiscoverSim ?

  • Excel add-in for Monte Carlo Simulation and Optimization

  • Easy to use with Six Sigma language - specify Inputs (X's) and Outputs (Y's). Ideal for DFSS, Risk and Project Management.

  • Powerful - 53 continuous and 10 discrete distributions. Distribution Fitting with Automatic Best Fit, specify correlations between inputs.

  • Fast - accelerated calculations with Excel spreadsheet interpreter.

  • Identify important X's with Sensitivity Analysis based on correlation or stepwise regression - includes quadratic terms!

  • Discover solutions to difficult problems with Global Optimization.

  • Optimize statistics such as dpm or Ppk and allow for constraints.

  • DiscoverSim is also bundled with SigmaXL for statistical and graphical analysis.

dsim ribbon


Web Demos

Our CTO and Co-Founder, John Noguera, regularly hosts free Web Demos featuring SigmaXL and DiscoverSim
Click here to view some now!

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