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SigmaXL Deactivation / License Transfer

Step 1

Save your serial number Before deactivating SigmaXL we recommend backing up your serial number by copying and pasting it into in a Word document. To view the serial number, select SigmaXL > Help > About SigmaXL. See the screenshots below:


Step 2

Next, deactivate the license on your current system.  To do this, open SigmaXL, and select Help > Activation Options > Deactivate SigmaXL.  See the screenshot below:

Step 3

Once Deactivate SigmaXL is clicked the dialog box below will appear. Click Yes. SigmaXL will now be removed from the Excel toolbar.

Step 4

You may now proceed to activate SigmaXL on your new system.

Step 5

If you do not have Internet access during the deactivation, please contact SigmaXL toll free at 1-888-744-6295.

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Our CTO and Co-Founder, John Noguera, regularly hosts free Web Demos featuring SigmaXL and DiscoverSim
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