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Free Resources - Easy Statistical & Graphical Analysis Software

New: SigmaXL now has video walkthroughs! Please see our Online Guides (SigmaXL and DiscoverSim) and YouTube channel.

Trial Software

SigmaXL Version 7.0 - A fully functional, free 30-day trial of SigmaXL for Windows

SigmaXL Version 7.0 for Mac - A fully functional, free 30-day demo of SigmaXL for OS X

DiscoverSim 2.0 - A fully functional, free 30-day trial of DiscoverSim (currently PC only)

Additional Resources

SigmaXL Guide - SigmaXL's Workbook on the Web

DiscoverSim Guide - DiscoverSim's Workbook on the Web

Getting Started With SigmaXL Version 7 - A webinar on the features of SigmaXL Version 7.0

Adobe Acrobat Reader - Download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print the Help PDF files


Web Demos

YouTube Videos