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Overview of DiscoverSimô Menu and Dialogs

Create/Edit Input Distributions

  1. Input Number is provided for reference purposes only. (To switch to a different input cell, click cancel, select the input cell and click Input Distribution.)

  2. Input Name is the cell address by default. Enter a name to describe the input or click the cell reference and specify the cell containing the input name. After specifying a cell reference, the dropdown symbol changes from cellref_DSIM to dropdown_DSIM .

  3. Input cell color can be modified by clicking on Cell Address (default colors can be changed in Help > DiscoverSim Options).

  4. Select from Common Continuous, Advanced Continuous or Discrete Distributions. A brief description of the selected distribution is given in the dialog. Click View Distribution Formulas for distribution formula details: Probability Density Function (PDF) and Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF). These distribution formulas are also given in the Appendix of the DiscoverSim Workbook and here.

  5. If distribution fitting has been performed, the Select Stored Distribution Fit option will become available for selection of variable name(s) and stored distribution(s). The parameter values will automatically be populated.

  6. Parameter values can be manually entered or click the cell reference cellref_dsim and specify the cell containing the parameter value.

  7. Click Update Chart after changing parameter values to view distribution.

  8. Check Truncate and enter truncation minimum and/or maximum values to produce a truncated distribution. Blank entries will be treated as negative infinity for minimum and positive infinity for maximum.

  9. Check Include in Specified Input Correlations (checked by default) to allow correlations to be specified for this input.

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