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Optimization Inputs: Constraint


  1. Constraint Number is provided for reference purposes only.
  2. Constraint Name is the cell address by default. Enter a name to describe the constraint.
  3. Constraint cell color can be modified by clicking on Cell Address (default colors can be changed in Help > DiscoverSim Options).
  4. Each constraint will contain a function of Input Controls (cell address or name) on the Left Hand Side (LHS), and a constant on the Right Hand Side (RHS). Constraints can be simple linear or complex nonlinear. Specify the constraint formula in the LHS.
  5. A constraint can only be applied to an Input Control and cannot reference an Input Distribution or Output Response.
  6. A constraint cannot be a part of the model equation (i.e., an output cannot reference a constraint).
  7. Optimization will usually occur more rapidly if the initial values of the parameters and/or controls satisfy the constraint. In addition, optimization is much harder with equality constraints than with inequality constraints.
  8. The Penalty function is used for Global Optimization. If the constraint is violated, the penalty should be increased. The default penalty function is 100.

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