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DiscoverSim Support Policy


Registration is required for users who wish to take advantage of the one year of free support and upgrades offered by SigmaXL. All registered users will receive a reminder to renew their maintenance when the free year is about to expire.  Users who do not register, and choose not to renew their maintenance program, are not entitled to free support or upgrades.

All users are prompted to register immediately following DiscoverSim's activation process.  Any user with a current maintenance plan can register at any time by clicking here.


Upgrades are released when new functionality or enhancements are added and are provided to our current registered customers free of charge for one year after the initial purchase date.1

Optional maintenance renewals may be purchased prior to the expiry of the first year for $139.00 for one license, or 20% of the original purchase price for a multiple license purchase.  Maintenance renewals entitle our customers to continued upgrades and technical support.  If maintenance is renewed on a purchase of multiple licenses, it must be renewed for all purchased licenses (for example, if you purchase 5 licenses, you cannot renew maintenance on just 1 of the 5 licenses).  Maintenance for educational licenses is $139.00 per license. Users who choose not to join our maintenance plan may purchase upgrades for $347.50 per license. 1

Technical Support

Answers to frequently asked questions and common error messages can be found on our Help Desk.

We also provide technical support via phone at 1-888-SigmaXL (744-6295) and email at from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST Monday through Friday, excluding US statutory holidays. Live help is available on our website during the same hours.  Our Live Help availability is always indicated on the top right hand corner of our site.

Support is provided free of charge to registered users for one year after the initial purchase date.  Maintenance renewals entitle customers to an additional year of support.

Unsupported Programs

Customers with unsupported or third party programs2 do not receive updates, maintenance releases, patches, telephone assistance, or any other technical support services for the unsupported programs.

Replacement Policy

DiscoverSim is available on CD or by electronic download. For download orders, please make a backup of the DiscoverSim_Setup.exe file immediately.

If a setup file is lost and the purchase is over 12 months old, the file cannot be replaced. An upgrade to the latest version of DiscoverSim must be purchased if the user has not joined our maintenance program. If the user is a member of our maintenance program, the upgrade will be supplied free of charge (electronic download only).

We recommend users make a backup of the DiscoverSim_Setup.exe file by copying the file to a CD and storing it in a safe place. Files are often lost when computers crash or companies replace machines and copying the file protects your investment. Remember, if the license was issued over a year ago, we cannot replace it.

Please have as much of the following information as possible when enquiring about a replacement setup file:

  • Date of your original purchase
  • Company Name/Individual who placed the order
  • Invoice # or purchase order # if available
Missing or inaccurate information means we have to search our records and this can delay your request.

End User License Agreement

View a copy of DiscoverSim's EULA

1Shipping and handling charges will apply to all CD orders.

2"Unsupported or third party programs" include software applications not directly created or distributed by SigmaXL Inc.

Web Demos

Our CTO and Co-Founder, John Noguera, regularly hosts free Web Demos featuring SigmaXL and DiscoverSim
Click here to view some now!

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